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We are honored to introduce TracysDogs' PetParents. This is an extraordinary group of individuals and families who have opened their hearts and homes to a dog that was once abandoned, abused, neglected and had a pending euthanasia date at a South Texas kill-shelter. In addition, these wonderful souls have joined a group of other PetParents that directly benefits dogs that are most at risk within kill-shelters. Those animals with pre-existing conditions, such as mange, upper respiratory infection, heart worm disease, tick illness and other physical ailments, have a very difficult time escaping the scurge of euthanasia. The survival rate of these dogs is low because few individuals and rescue groups want to incur the cost of treatment immediately.

Please see the profiles below of these extraordinary TracysDogs’ PetParents. Without their generous support, we would not be able to persue our mission as vigorously as we have for the last four years.  A Big Texas Thank You!

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Cheryl & Wayne R.

We began looking to adopt a dog in the fall of 2016.  We visited local shelters and rescue groups but we just didn’t seem to “click” with any of the dogs.  One day on the internet I spied Sasha and Ellie Mae.  They both seemed to just jump out at me, but we were only looking for one dog.  I had no idea who Tracysdogs was but I was willing to try to adopt a dog I never met! Upon going through the adoption process I found out that Sasha and Ellie Mae were quite fond of each other and we were asked if perhaps we would like to adopt both.  On November 19, 2016 we adopted our girls!  It’s not possible to put into words how much Sasha and Ellie Mae mean to us.  These two dogs have become the light of our lives.  They are our constant companions.  Thank you Tracysdogs for saving them!

Leilani F.

In February 2017, I lost my previous dog Calli due to illness at age 13. I knew that I would eventually adopt again, but it was several months before I was ready to start looking for a new companion. During the summer of 2017, a video popped up on my newsfeed with stories of families who had adopted pets that they would not meet until Adoption Day. I was really touched by the stories and wanted to learn more. It was then that I learned of the TracysDogs Rescue. Once I learned that TracysDogs was coming to the Northeast, I was very excited! I saw Lainey, and that was it. I knew she was the one for me.


Since Lainey joined our family in September 2017, she and I are like two peas in a pod. She is so sweet and easy-going. We go for frequent walks, and do a lot together. I also love to dress her up, especially on her birthday and on holidays. Everyone she meets just loves her. My parents and sister love when she comes over to visit on the weekends. Thanks again for bringing Lainey and I together, and for all you do for your pups. You truly make a difference.

Donna A.

One serendipitous afternoon, a story about TracysDogs popped up on my Facebook page. The rest is history!

We applied for, and were approved to adopt a small dog whose photo had yet to be posted. Imagine our surprise when learning the dog we were adopting had bonded with another dog. There was no way we could adopt one without the other--we became instant "double dippers." Rosita (Amelia), a poodle mix, and Bandido (Beatrice), a Texas Special, made their debut in Illinois on August 19, 2017. Upon arrival, they didn't bark, know how to play with toys, enjoy car rides or being on a leash. Now, we can't get them to stop barking, they throw their toys all around the house and are always ready to go for a walk or a trip in the car. Such a remarkable change over the year! I

They bring us so much joy. We can't say enough good about TracysDogs. Thank you for saving these two amazing pups and for all you do.  

Niebler Family

We have so many favorite memories of Luke, but we will certainly never forget how he greeted friends.  When he ran into people he knew, Luke would always greet them excitedly.  Standing on his hind legs with his front paws splayed open, it almost looked as if he were offering his human friends a hug and he always left them with a smile.  But it was the way Luke greeted his best canine friends that was truly special.  After spotting a best friend in the distance he would sit and wait for the other dog to approach, and when the dog was close enough he would bolt off and start running in large circles, or run back and forth in large arcs.  Everybody who was fortunate enough to witness this remarkable greeting would break out into laughter - it was just so unusual, so gleeful, and so Luke.  Luke also loved to “dance” at home.  He would stand on his two hind legs and joyfully parade around.  Our little "Budsy" as we liked to call him, was an incredible partner, companion, and friend.  

On April 22, 2017, we were devastated by the sudden loss of Luke, but have slowly learned to live with the void created by his absence.  Luke was our family's first dog and the 19 months during which he was a deeply loved member of our family were far too short.  He was an amazing and truly special dog and he changed all of us and opened our hearts in ways that we could hardly ever have imagined.  He will forever be a part of who we are.  While we were hoping to have Luke's company for many more years, we don't think it is possible to express how thankful we are to TracysDogs for bringing Luke into our lives for the short period that he was part of our family.


Our story within TracysDogs' PetParent page is established in Luke's memory.  Luke, we love you and you will forever be a cherished member of our family.  In your honor, we are dedicated to supporting the work of TracysDogs and we hope that support will enable many other families to experience the same unconditional love and joy that you brought into our family.  May you rest in peace

Tracie N.

I wasn't even thinking about getting a second dog, but my Dad sent me a link to the TracysDogs website, I saw Dexter's picture, and that was it.  I rushed to submit my application because I was certain there had to be hundreds, if not thousands, of others applying to adopt him and it would be a long shot.  I hadn't realized he had been there a little longer than others, but thank goodness he waited for me, I was so happy when Kerrie called and told me I was approved to adopt him!  While he can be a pot-stirrer when it comes to dogs outside of his family, as far as humans go he absolutely loves to be held and loved on - we often joke about the look he gets on his face when you pet him, a look of pure ecstasy.  While it took a little time in the beginning for him and his new sister, Sonny, to fully accept one another, they're now best buds.  Thank you so much TracysDogs for saving him and thank you for the video you posted of him before he left on the transport truck to PA, it's a reminder I will always have of how far he has come and what rescue does for these innocent little souls. #AdoptDontShop

Marcus & Annette U.

We waited until one of us was newly retired to bring a dog into our lives. After searching online, we discovered Tracy’s Dogs and were awed by the work Tracy and Scott were doing. We instantly fell in love with the picture and video of our scruffy little Joey (fka Ross), and brought him home on Gotcha Day, Sept. 2016. Scott described him as one of the transport’s two “party boys” and boy, was he right! Since Joey was placed in our arms, he has been a bundle of energy, joy, and love. He starts each day like a new party and we can’t imagine our lives without him. We were so impressed with the organization that Marcus helps TD adoption manager Jess with background checks so that other lucky families will be matched with their new best friends.

Patty & Walt M.

July of 2016 we lost our sweet Bubbles after 16 years. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog, just wasn't sure where to go. Shortly after, a video of a "Gotcha Day" appeared on our feed from Tracys Dogs. I knew right then that we would apply to adopt. We had to wait patiently until TracysDogs was making a trip up to Northeast. As soon as we could, We put in an application.

One look at Chauncey, we knew he was the one for us. On September 16th we brought him to his forever home. I cannot begin to tell you how happy he has made us. Our family was complete again. He has got to be the sweetest, most laid back, friendliest little guy. His best friends are our granddaughters Keira and Claire, 4 and 5 years old. He loves car rides, long walks and just to be cuddled and loved. I can't thank you enough for all you do for all your pups and the impact you have on families. 

Cindy M.

In August of 2014 we adopted Yogi, a spunky pup with wiry whiskers and a non-stop wagging tail.  He is 100% sweetness and love.  Yogi is my running partner and a snuggle buddy to anyone that sits on the couch (he likes to sit on laps, all 52 pounds of him).  We know he’s special because of where he came from.  Without TracysDogs, he would have been just a number, with no chance of a loving family and a forever home.  Thank you to everyone at TracysDogs for taking him in and giving him that chance.  We are so grateful.

Tim B.

After my much loved dog Reggie died of cancer, I wanted to honor her memory by rescuing a dog.

Munchkin (Tabitha) has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She was completely house trained and settled in immediately to being a couch potato and loving companion.

We are so grateful to Tracys Dogs for your wonderful work in saving great dogs like Munchkin.

Diane & Joan B.

For some adopters, the process of finding just the right dog to adopt is a difficult one. For TracysDogs, making sure one of our dogs goes to just the right home is equally hard. Almost without exception, TracysDogs have experienced some measure of neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment in their past, and we work hard to make sure all of that is a distant memory, never again to repeat. Millie arrived at TracysDogs with her sister Mina, both suffering with a severe case of mange. Millie had the misfortune of also testing positive for heart worm disease. The sisters were turned into a high-kill shelter by their owners due to “illness and poor health.” Of course they were, but at the hands of their owners.

Millie’s treatment took time and money, but it mostly took a group of people with big hearts who felt a heightened level of responsibility to counteract the neglect she suffered. When it was Millie's time for a forever home, it wasn't

going to be just any home - it had to be the very best home we could find. Millie found her new parents in a mother-daughter team of Joan and Diane. This little girl is the light of their lives, and she is truly experiencing love, affection and the creature comforts of her own home - things she could only have wished for in South Texas.

Libby & Mark G.

Hard to imagine how either one of these dogs found their way into high-kill shelters. Chewy is a sturdy Airdale Terrier mix with a very determined personality. As a “tan terrier type” Chewy looked like so many others sitting in San Antonio’s Animal Care Services shelter, and therefore, his chances for survival were limited. There was just something about this boy that caught Tracy’s eye. He had an independent streak and challenged his foster mom often - he was just the kind of guy that wanted space to be himself. 

GG on the other hand is a young, 9-pound Cairn/Rat Terrier mix with incredible personlity and ears to match. She arrived at a kill-shelter in Edinburg, Texas near the border of Mexico - an area with one of the worst overpopulation problems in the state, and therefore, one of the highest euthanasia rates as well.

Both are now happy, healthy, and living a dream life in Pennsylvania with mom and dad, Libby and Mark. There is nothing more satifying to an all-volunteer rescue group than to see dogs once discarded like used property sleeping together in their parents’ bed and exploriing a beautiful piece of property together.

“Mark and I adore our two, sassy fun fur babies. Thank you TracysDogs.”

TracysDogs is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit 45-2766874

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